Guide to Purchasing a Rotary Evaporator

A device that is used in most chemical laboratories to use the evaporation method to remove solvents from different types of samples is known as a rotary evaporator. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know this device more closely and tips to buy the best one for you.

What does a Rotary Evaporator Include?

A rotary evaporator includes a vacuum system, a motor unit, a vapor duct, a bath for hot fluid, a collection flask, a motorized operating system a coil for passing coolant, and a condenser. A vacuum is created in the rotating flask of glass to allow this device to work on a sample.

How does a Rotary Evaporator Work?

A flask placed on a bath of hot water is rotated gradually to form a thin layer inside it which in turn increases the surface area to vaporize the molecules of gas at a constant temperature. This process can help in removing all types of solvents. So, to get quality services you should look for the best rotary evaporator.

How to find the best rotary evaporator?
To find the best rotary evaporator you should consider a few factors briefly discussed here under.

Size: While buying a rotary evaporator its size plays a great role in evaluating its effectiveness. The size of this device can depend upon the amount of solvent you want to recover on a day or at a specific time. In case you are planning to increase your production in near future then it is better to buy an evaporator of larger size to avoid a waste of money in replacing it frequently.

Brand: Though various companies manufacture rotary evaporators but performance of every piece can be different even if their general operations can be the same. You should consider the brands that use patented technology and the quality of construction of their device is good.

Safety features: This device is used for heating different types of chemicals and acids. So the rotary evaporator you choose must-have safety features to ensure the safety of the person operating it. The safety of the operator can be guaranteed with the features like a protective shield or hood. Automatic shutdown feature in some of these devices can also ensure the safety of their operators.

Functional features: The functionality of all of these devices cannot be the same. They can perform differently based on their temperature, speed of rotation, vacuum, condenser, and pressure, etc. You can buy the best and the right type of rotary evaporator by considering the way you want to use it. A good evaporator should be resistant to the acids. So, you can use the sample of acid to test the functionality of your device.

Ease of maintenance: Along with other features you should also focus on the maintenance of the rotary evaporator you choose. It should be easy. To make the maintenance of this device easier you should check its seal, tubing, and joints of glass components regularly. You can use it for an extended period by maintaining it regularly and frequently.

Thus you can buy the best rotary evaporator by considering the tips discussed in this write-up.