The Basics of Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is a vital aspect across various industries like mining, manufacturing, marine packaging, and sports as well. Various electric fixtures for these industries have been specifically designed for performing heavy-duty jobs. These lights are known to enhance productivity and can easily last in extreme climates, temperatures, and adverse conditions as well.

Besides ensuring the right lighting conditions along with enhancing output, electrical lighting is also helpful for the maintenance of workplace safety. So if you’ve got a well-lit workstation, then workers can easily avoid any unwarranted accidents. Wide electronic lighting fixtures like magnification lights, LED, halogen machine lighting and fluorescent lamps, etc. are commonly used across different industries in Malaysia, and fixtures from Sirocco lighting provides these with great features.

It is important to select the right lighting fixtures based on your work environment in addition to the requirements of the place where they are needed. Here we have listed down a few lighting fixtures.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Common lighting fixtures are used commonly across different industries, such as examples below:

Explosion Proof Lighting

In different industries such as transportation, mining, marine, steel, etc. explosion and other accidental hazards should not be overlooked. Thus, it’s best to ensure that the lighting fixtures can withstand the pressures and heat generated through the explosion. Explosion-proof fixtures have stringent quality standards of the National Electric Code.

Indoor Fixtures

Indoor fixtures installation can take place in different indoor workspaces such as workstations, bays, workshops, etc. As various work environments provide different lighting system requirements. It would be ideal for contacting a supplier providing you with customized requirements for lighting. You need to ensure that these lighting systems can endure harsh work conditions along with extreme temperatures.

Flood Lighting

Almost all large industrial units include floodlighting as a part of their lighting plan. As suggested through the name, floodlights are luminaires flooding an area with light. The intensity gets a lot more increased when the LED lights power flood lighting fixtures.

All fixtures normally work across different applications like industrial facilities parking lots, ports, sports grounds, industrial outdoors, etc. These are indispensable parts across all industries.

Mid-Bay and High-Bay Luminaries

Mid and high-bay luminaires are among highly renowned fixtures for industrial lighting. Manufacturing plants are available with tall ceilings for the space of heavy machinery with room for airing. All these luminaires work well for applications that are great and are utilized extensively in the warehouses, manufacturing facilities along with other industrial applications.

Moreover, a lot of industrial units are available with great lighting and must match with regulatory standards assigned by authorities. When LED lights get housed in mid-bay and high-bay luminaires, the whole lighting system can become a lot more effective. Also LED lights are bright, cool, and safe compared to conventional counterparts and make them the choice of all applications in the industry.

Sirocco lighting is among the leading manufacturers of industrial LED lights and fixtures with high-performance LED luminaires. Along with sales of LED lighting products, Sirocco also provides rental and sales options. Industries can also avail of repairs and maintenance along with all original parts.

Pendant Lights

Warehouses and Manufacturing plants have various areas like small child manufacture units and alleys that require a lot of illumination. Having pendant lighting fixtures efficiently keep all these areas illuminated and offers a lot more contemporary feel.

All these fixtures are adaptable and they work great for illuminating cabins and rooms of large organizations. Also, you need to note that pendant lighting gets installed in the same way as the mid-bay or high-bay luminaires, making them ideal for tall ceilings.

High Mast Lighting

Industrial units normally have larger outdoor areas usable for unloading and loading of raw materials, goods, and such. A lot of these units can also operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and make lighting imperative in outdoor areas.
A lot of high masts have been used for illuminating large outdoor areas. This is the best option for lighting as it leads to a high ratio of space to light, resulting in unvarying illumination. All these fixtures work best when they’re combined with LED lights and they’re available across different heights to get required illumination.

The lighting industry has gone through significant changes and is introducing new technologies and products. Sirocco lighting fixtures through Airstar (France) offers unparalleled glare-free industrial lighting to meet the demanding situations of night time jobs.

Having adequate illumination with LED lights from results in a safe working environment as all these fixtures have a constant beam angle with high lumen output. According to various studies, intensification of lighting leads to enhancement of productivity of employees which ultimately results in higher output.